“a terrifically funny and smart quarterlife-crisis comedy with great dialogue riffs and a nice line in insouciant gloom.” – ★★★★ The Guardian

“Left-field pleasure of the week: Harry Michell’s very funny yet also gloomy neo-Withnail comedy Chubby Funny” – Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw on Twitter

“he’ll make you cringe and concur in equal measure” – ★★★★ Time Out

“a potent mixture of mirth and melancholy… a self-assured and pleasingly down-to-earth debut” – ★★★★ Total Film

“Michell makes a name for himself directing and starring in a fine London comedy” – ‘This week’s best films in the UK’ (30 June), The Guardian

“Authenticity triumphs over budget with this charming, naturalistic London comedy, with a hero… who’s refreshingly atypical and endearingly unheroic. ” – ‘This week’s best films in the UK’ (7 July), The Guardian

“There is a truthfulness in their irritatingness that is rather well captured” – Mark Kermode

“a spiritual successor to Withnail and I… Michell does for millennials in London what Noah Baumbach did for millennials in Manhattan… One of the comedies of the year” – ★★★★★ VultureHound

“best Britflick comedy of the summer” – ★★★★ Filmuforia

“sweet and touching” – ★★★★ Movie Marker

“an amazingly mature filmmaking debut, a contemporary comedy that’s deceptively deep” – ★★★★ Dog and Wolf

“Effortlessly straddling the line between laugh-out loud funny and staggeringly poignant… Earnest, sincere, hilarious… a film that offers as big a heart as it does so many laughs.” – OnScreen

“has proper, genuine laugh-out-loud moments but also isn’t afraid to get into the dark truths of that fight against your own uncertainties.” – ★★★★ Critical Popcorn