“a terrifically funny and smart quarterlife-crisis comedy with great dialogue riffs and a nice line in insouciant gloom.”
★★★★ The Guardian

Some nicknames are better than others

Original, laugh-out-loud and heart-breakingly honest, Chubby Funny is the critically-acclaimed debut feature from writer-director Harry Michell.

It tells the story of aspiring actor Oscar (Michell), who moves to London with his best friend and fellow thespian, Charlie (Augustus Prew, Prison Break: Resurrection, High-Rise).

Giving himself a year to make it in the industry, Oscar is typecast as the ‘chubby funny’ best friend by his brutally frank agent Susan (Alice LowePrevenge, Sightseers) and ends up waylaid by the same old problems – friendships, flings, and the question of finding ultimate fulfilment.

Chubby Funny also stars Isabella Laughland (Harry Potter), Asim Chaudhry (People Just Do Nothing), and Olivia Ross (Personal Shopper).

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“a terrifically funny and smart quarterlife-crisis comedy with great dialogue riffs and a nice line in insouciant gloom.” – ★★★★ The Guardian

“Left-field pleasure of the week: Harry Michell’s very funny yet also gloomy neo-Withnail comedy Chubby Funny” – Guardian film critic Peter Bradshaw on Twitter

“he’ll make you cringe and concur in equal measure” – ★★★★ Time Out

“a potent mixture of mirth and melancholy… a self-assured and pleasingly down-to-earth debut” – ★★★★ Total Film

“Michell makes a name for himself directing and starring in a fine London comedy” – ‘This week’s best films in the UK’ (30 June), The Guardian

“Authenticity triumphs over budget with this charming, naturalistic London comedy, with a hero… who’s refreshingly atypical and endearingly unheroic. ” – ‘This week’s best films in the UK’ (7 July), The Guardian

“There is a truthfulness in their irritatingness that is rather well captured” – Mark Kermode

“a spiritual successor to Withnail and I… Michell does for millennials in London what Noah Baumbach did for millennials in Manhattan… One of the comedies of the year” – ★★★★★ VultureHound

“best Britflick comedy of the summer” – ★★★★ Filmuforia

“sweet and touching” – ★★★★ Movie Marker

“an amazingly mature filmmaking debut, a contemporary comedy that’s deceptively deep” – ★★★★ Dog and Wolf

“Effortlessly straddling the line between laugh-out loud funny and staggeringly poignant… Earnest, sincere, hilarious… a film that offers as big a heart as it does so many laughs.” – OnScreen

“has proper, genuine laugh-out-loud moments but also isn’t afraid to get into the dark truths of that fight against your own uncertainties.” – ★★★★ Critical Popcorn


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